Description & History

The mission of EarthsKeepers is to contribute to the well-being of society. One of the ways we do this is to help develop skills among youth for health, leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal, economic and ecological wellness.

EarthsKeepers pursues this mission through an after-school and summer program whose elements include the following:

1. Instruction and practice regarding urban gardening 2. Instruction and practice regarding care for the earth and food justice for it's inhabitants

3. Instruction and practice regarding nutrition and physical fitness

4. Instruction and practice regarding leadership and advocacy

5. Instruction and practice regarding entrepreneurship

These five areas of concern constitute EarthsKeepers Five-Fold Way. However, the impact we believe will be on the entire family. We help create behavioral changes in the lives of 25 youths by providing them with healthy cooking and eating skills, as well as financial benefit -- which will, in turn have an impact on the entire family. All of the participants will be paid an internship stipend for their work.

About the organization


Alia Walker
Executive Director
Safiyah Abdul Latif
Program Coordinator
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