As Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter has committed his administration to increase the city’s high school graduation rate to 80% by 2015 and to double the percentage of college graduates from 18% to 36% by 2018. The Graduation Coach Campaign provides an opportunity for all citizens to get involved in supporting these ambitious and important goals. 

The Campaign aims to equip and empower adults with the information and resources necessary to effectively support the young people in their families and communities set and achieve important educational goals – like graduating from high school and succeeding in college.

Become a Graduation Coach:
Any adult who wants to help a young person in their life achieve educational success can become a Graduation Coach.  Adults—including formal mentors, employers, family members, neighbors, and others—can play an important role as Graduation Coaches in helping youth stay on track to graduate from high school and succeed in college and careers. To learn more about becoming a coach, visit the Graduation Coach Campaign website and sign up for a workshop today.

Become a Graduation Coach Campaign Partner:
Individuals and organizations can support the Graduation Coach Campaign by hosting workshops and events, providing resources or joining the training team. Visit the Graduation Coach Campaign website to learn more about becoming a Campaign Partner.

Everything you need to know about the campaign – including how to become a Graduation Coach to a young person you care about – can be found at